We are a print and design company founded in 2014. Our founders were designers who worked in the field for 20 years and finally decided to start their own company. One of them even working at Pixar for a long period of time. They just started with a simple printer and a computer for design work in the beginning and went through many challenges for setting up the store.


Today we provide all kinds of printing. You can view a list of all the different products we provide in our shop page. We are a dedicated team of individuals looking to providing the best service in the market for your printing needs.


We also have a team of active designers that are ready to service any graphic design work you may have. We take pride in training and supporting our designers one of them even having +20 years of experience in this field. 


Ultimately we would like to thank you and every client we have had and will have as it is you guys that keep us in business and give us the ability to do what we love every day. On behalf of all the team here at Pixy Corner thanks!